Oncology Trained Skincare

academy skin & beauty oncology course

(Call for upcoming dates) Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 5 pm (registration deadline is June 10th)

plus a 16-hour online training course and exam that must be completed prior to hands-on days


Oncology Esthetics refers to a specialized field within esthetics that focuses on providing skincare treatments tailored to individuals undergoing cancer treatments or dealing with cancer-related side effects. Estheticians trained in oncology esthetics are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address the unique skincare needs and sensitivities of cancer patients, helping to alleviate discomfort, promote skin health, and enhance overall well-being throughout their cancer journey. With the number of new cancer diagnoses each year (over 2 million expected in 2024), learning how to work with clients who are dealing with cancer and/or medically reactive skin is a “must know.”

This workshop will also include the following:

This course holds national accreditation from the COA (Commission on Accreditation) and awards the esteemed Certificate of Achievement (the pinnacle of Certifications). The certificate meets standards recognized by both esthetics and medical professionals and provides 10 CEU’s with NCEA. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


  • 158-page color manual/workbook
  • Oncology Trained Tote with pen & highlighter
  • Product samples
  • 3-pc full-size skincare kit
  • LightStim hand-held LED kit
  • Client forms


History of cancer
Surgery, Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy
Lymphatic & Immune Systems role
Integrative Therapies
Mind & Spirit
Spa Essentials
Skin Cancer
Cancer Survivor stories
Product Review

The on-line component is a comprehensive, live recorded class.  You will learn in your own environment, at your own pace and schedule, logging in and out whenever works best for you.  The  course is broken into 16 modules, ranging from 5 to 45 minutes each, and is approximately 16 hours total. Most modules have a quiz at the end to ensure that you have captured the key information and the course finishes with a final exam. After you pass with 90% or higher, you will receive a certificate of completion.

This course is open to current esthetic students, estheticians, medical staff, or massage therapists.

Call 914-949-0970 or email hello@academyofskinandbeauty.com to register!

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