Borboleta Eyelash Extension Course

Hosted Class for Eyelash Extensions meets both online and in person.

eyelash extension course

Call for 2023 Dates!


Students will learn basic and advanced application techniques, safety, and client care. Students will practice applying individual eyelash extensions on a mannequin head, and on a live model (provided by the student). 

Combo (Classic & Volume) Course:
6 hours for online modules (pre-course work)
Day 1 of Training: 6 hours in theory (online module review and volume theory)
Day 2 of Training: 4 hours, live model

Online Module Curriculum Includes:

  • Parts of the eye
  • Cleansing system
  • Safety & Sanitization 
  • Client Consultations
  • Taping
  • Lash Prep, Tweezer & Isolation
  • Types of extensions lash details
  • Properly applying extensions
  • Lash extension removal
  • Eye Shapes
  • Blueprints/placement system
  • Adhesives
  • Allergies, irritations, and nano mister
  • Complete Demo


Must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to enroll in course.

The New York department of licensing requires you to have an esthetician or cosmetology license to perform extensions professionally.

OG Lashes: Classic Tray Multi-Length
— C .15×7-15
— CC .15×7-15
OG Lashes: Volume Tray Multi-Length
— C .07×7-15
— CC .07×7-15
— D .07×7-15

Straight Isolator
Hybrid Angle
OG Boot
Bootie Boot
Lash Wands, 50 Ct.
Lint-Free Microswab Wands, 100 Ct.

Go-To Adhesive Collection
— Medium Thin
— Medium
— Medium Thick
Adhesive Gel Remover

Mannequin Head
On Point Adhesive Cups, 10 Ct.
Bio Gel Pads: Asymmetrical Curve, 10 Pairs
Borby Bubble, 30 Ct.
Glass Lash Palette
Practice Lashes
Micropore Tape

Fan Stash Storage Tray

Lash Care
Clean Swoop Brush
Cooldown Calming Eye Masks, 5 Pairs
Travel Lash Bath Gel Cleanser
Travel Breakdown Makeup Remover

Kit Bag
Black Sharpie

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